External groups must have a formal, written contract with the University that specifies the terms and conditions of use of University facilities, including dates, times, use of space, attendance, rental fees, and restrictions. The agreement also includes important insurance and liability requirements, and an estimate of other event-related costs that an external group will be required to pay.


Northeastern University requires insurance coverage by any external entity using Northeastern facilities and requests specific insurance requirements for events, event venues, vendors, caterers, suppliers, and contractors. Generally, the requirements by any external entity are as follows:

  • Comprehensive general liability insurance in the amounts of $2,000,000 per occurrence and $4,000,000 aggregate for non-University events, meetings or conferences
  • If activity includes any minor (person under the age of 18), the insurance certificate must include an endorsement for sexual molestation coverage.
  • Policy must be Primary as to any other valid and collectible insurance.
  • Northeastern University must be added as Additional Insured as it pertains to the work done/service provided and/or product delivered to the University.
  • Northeastern must be listed as a certificate holder as follows: Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.

Handling Funds

All monetary transactions must be accompanied by the presence of a campus police officer to ensure the safety and security of all transactions. An officer may be hired through the Office of External Events & Conference Housing, which will consult with the Northeastern University Police Department to determine appropriate security considerations and staffing. The only exception is for events that use the ticket office in Ell Hall.


Inviting external groups onto campus for fundraising or other organizing or marketing meetings is a violation of the University’s Sales and Solicitations policy.

Political Organizations

Northeastern works collaboratively with many officials at all levels of government on policy, regulatory issues, and community affairs. Any individual or group seeking to book space on campus should contact The Office of Government Relations and Community Affairs to discuss the type of event and associated logistics.

Religious Organizations

A number of formal guidelines, policies and procedures govern and support the University community as it relates to religion and spirituality. Below is a list of policies most applicable to external groups seeking space on campus, through NU’s Spiritual Life Center provides a comprehensive set of guidelines and policies which address: activity, behavior, recruitment, and ministry work on campus.

  • Religious groups and ministries whose purpose is primarily to draw members into non-NU-based groups and local churches, are not to conduct ministry work on campus.
  • Groups and ministries that do not involve significant initiative and leadership from within the NU community are not to conduct ministry work on campus.
  • Proselytizing/witness/ministry that negatively impacts students or other members of the Northeastern University community will not be allowed

Sales & Solicitation

Northeastern University is not a marketplace. Sales of material or solicitations, such as newspapers and other printed matter, insurance, foodstuffs, and all other articles are prohibited without the express written permission of designated officials of the University.

External Vendors

In conformance with the Sales and Solicitation policy and federal and state laws regarding not-for-profit corporations, Northeastern University must regulate the amount of commercial activity permitted on the campus and asks all clients to review and disclose the following, when applicable:

  • All external groups must disclose 3rdparty participation in order for Northeastern to ascertain who will be brought to campus as part of its event.
  • Confirm that all external vendors being brought in as part of their event understand that access to the Northeastern community, consisting of students, faculty and staff not directly involved in the planning and execution of said event, is not part of their event participation.

External vendors are prohibited from selling or promoting products or services on campus without prior permission from the assistant vice president of Student Affairs or his/her designee and such permission shall only be granted when the conditions of this policy are met and there are no conflicts with existing contracts for goods or services

External Catering

Northeastern University makes available the services of Rebecca’s Café and the Varano Group for on-campus caterer, the client and caterer must adhere to the below requirements:

  • Northeastern University requires off-site caterers to provide a valid food service permit and a certificate of insurance meeting Northeastern’s insurance requirements stated above.
  • Caterer may not serve alcohol, unless they are a University approved caterer. All events involving the service of alcohol must be approved by Public Safety and by Risk Management in advance.
  • Caterer must be self-sustainable, meaning fully functional without any service or resources provided by the University except furniture, which may be requested two weeks prior to event date. Northeastern will not provide access to on-campus kitchens or provide a dedicated water source.
  • Caterer must provide staff to monitor any heating elements or heat sources at all times when in use on-site. Anytime a heating element or heat source is used by an off-site caterer, it must be disclosed to the Office of External Events & Conference Housing two weeks prior to event date.
  • Both client and off-site caterer are responsible for all trash removal and cleanup related to the event. Any leftover trash or cleaning required by the University will be billed back to the client.

Smoke Free Campus

Northeastern University is a smoke-free campus. As such, smoking of any tobacco products is prohibited at Northeastern University, consistent with applicable law. Information about Northeastern’s smoke-free campus may be found here.