Powerful Firsthand Accounts Drive Northeastern Graduate’s Boston Marathon Play

Northeastern graduate Joey Frangieh’s new production, Finish Line: A Documentary Play About the 2013 Boston Marathon, brings to the stage the stories of real people—using only their own words, verbatim—who were affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and responded with heroism, selflessness, and love. Frangieh directed and co-created the play, in which actors portray 14 people based on the powerful firsthand accounts they provided in extensive interviews about their experiences.

Joey Frangieh, AMD’12 Photo: Nile Scott Shots

Frangieh, AMD’12, spent two-and-a-half years on the project. In the fall, he returned to Northeastern to workshop the play under the leadership of Department of Theatrechair Scott Edmiston. It was one of seven workshops held for Finish Line. “I’ve been a huge fan of Scott artistically for many years,” Frangieh said. “He gathered a passionate group of talented young artists. He and the students put a lot of heart and effort into putting together a powerful workshop. That really helped shape the final product.”

The play had its world premiere last week and runs through Sunday, March 26, at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre in Boston. We asked Frangieh to discuss the play as well as how his Northeastern experience prepared him for his career in theater. After graduating, he founded the Boston Theater Company, a nonprofit presenting the play in association with the Boch Center.

Next month, Frangieh will run the Boston Marathon for the first time. He says part of his inspiration comes from having met people throughout this process who were injured in the bombings but came back stronger and ran the marathon the following year.

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