Northeastern veterans find confidence with improvisation workshops

Northeastern University is offering veteran students improv workshops to help them find their voice as they come back into the civilian world.

Improv for Northeastern veterans was the idea of Air Force veteran Andrew McCarty, the director of the university’s Center for the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers.”When I got out, for some reason, I found that sometimes I had a stutter. I tripped over my words. I was thinking too much. It slowed my speech down,” McCarty said. “I went from being confident in front of 500 people to sometimes not being able to find my voice around a conference table of a handful of people.

“Communication is important,” McCarty said. “It can be a struggle for some veterans — not all veterans — but it can be a hurdle that we have to overcome as we transition back into the civilian world, and this is one avenue to approach dealing with that hurdle.”

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