Inclusive Campus: Fostering Belonging, a Lunchtime Workshop Series

The Fostering Belonging lunchtime workshop series continued this semester with a series of engaging workshops to help faculty build inclusive learning environments for students.
The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion, the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research, the LGBTQA+ Resource Center, and the Center for Intercultural Engagement hosted their second iteration of the Fostering Belonging lunchtime workshop series. Comprised of four interactive workshops, the Fostering Belonging series aims to encourage and support an inclusive community at Northeastern University. Faculty and Ph.D. candidates who participate in the program will be able to develop and build upon skills needed to ensure inclusiveness in their environments, whether it be in a classroom setting or other work environments. Workshops include “Fostering Inclusive Learning Environments,” “Words Matter: Recognizing and Interrupting Microaggressions,” “Calling Each Other by Name: How Names and Pronouns Impact Sense of Belonging,” and “Facilitating Inclusion: Dialogue and Intervention Strategies.”


Each workshop is designed to build upon the lessons of one another, therefore it is encouraged, although not required, for participants to attend all workshops. Members of the Northeastern University community strive to maintain a safe and respectful campus for all faculty and students in order to maximize learning and development. Fostering Belonging highlights important teachings to achieve this objective and provides an opportunity to initiate discussion among participants.


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