Dr. Mary Jo Ondrechan Speaks at March For Science

Dr. Mary Jo Ondrechan is a College of Science professor with years of experience within the classroom and in research. She received her BA at Reed College in 1974 and her PhD at Northwestern University in 1978. She and her research group at Northeastern University have many active programs in Medicinal Chemistry in the College of Science Department, providing computational collaboration for multiple different drug discovery efforts.

Crowds gathered in over 600 cities around the globe on April 22 in honor of Earth Day sending out a plea for political leaders to focus on education, scientific fact, and endorsing the fight for knowledge. Thousands congregated around the Washington Monument in Washington DC on a rainy Saturday the March. Professor Ondrechan, a member of the Mohawk Nation and chair of the board of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society, spoke in front of this crowd of how imperative science is and how fundamentally damaging cuts to basic research may be detrimental to society.

See what else she had to say in this full video here and her interview with GreenBiz News here.