3Qs: SCOTUS rejects affirmative action challenge

In a win for affir­ma­tive action advo­cates, the Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a chal­lenge to a pro­gram at the Uni­ver­sity of Texas that con­siders race as a lim­ited factor in admis­sions deci­sions. Dan Urman, assis­tant teaching pro­fessor in the Doctor of Law and Policy pro­gram and director of the minor in Law and Public Policy, exam­ines the court’s deci­sion and what it means for affir­ma­tive action. Urman, who has worked at the Senate Judi­ciary Com­mittee and was a Mar­shall Scholar at the Uni­ver­sity of Oxford, teaches a course titled “Under­standing the Modern Supreme Court.”

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