Feature image of NU DREAM

NU DREAM is a program designed to encourage personal and professional growth by increasing interaction, communication and community awareness amongst staff of color at Northeastern University. The program offers workshops in areas such as networking, career development, mentorship and various social opportunities throughout the year to build and engage with community. NU DREAM began as the 2014 pilot program “Notion in Motion” sponsored by the Enrollment Management & Student Affairs (EMSA) Division. It is now a collaborative engagement between the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion (OIDI) and EMSA, and we aim to serve the entire campus community.

Audience(s): Workplace Diversity



  • Over 200 staff and faculty have participated in NU DREAM sessions or celebrations.
  • Planning team represent staff from broad range of departments, centers and divisions.
  • Programs and events of this group include professional development, networking and social interactions, including a day-long professional development conference

Recent presentation and workshop topics include:

  • Maximizing Your Benefits with Nick Josey
  • OUTober Higher Education Panel
  • Faculty Research Presentations
  • Understanding Your HRM Benefits
  • Maximizing Your Self-Worth: Preparing for the Performance Review