Feature image of Self-Authored Integrated Learning (SAIL)

In a world of constant change, you need to be agile: Ready to learn and adapt throughout your life and career. SAIL is a digital platform that brings a new approach to education by focusing on extracting meaning not just from courses or co-op, but from every experience, which helps you to articulate your learning. This mindset uniquely prepares you as an adaptable lifelong learner, leveraging every experience for growth and success.


  • Students use SAIL to discover opportunities, track their growth, articulate their story, and build their Northeastern network.
  • Faculty use SAIL to integrate their students’ learning across contexts, create opportunities, and motivate their students to share their real-world experiences.
  • Staff and Co-Curricular Educators use SAIL to help learners connect and reflect on their experiences, and empower the Northeastern community to pursue self-directed learning.