Feature image of Northeastern Humanities Center

The Center believes that critical and reflective study of culture develops acumen and enhances sensibilities. Founded in 2008, the Northeastern Humanities Center supports faculty and student research in the humanities and social sciences; facilitates collaboration across disciplines; and presents humanistic and social scientific research to the wider university community and general public. Through our fellowship program, working groups, discussion forums, symposia, seminars, informal dialogues, conferences, and joint projects, the Humanities Center fosters a wide-ranging interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of respect for diverse perspectives and expertise. An integral part of Northeastern University’s signature experiential liberal arts program, the Humanities Center offers various opportunities for engagement with art, literature, philosophy, history, and social and political formations, thereby strengthening the foundation from which to respond meaningfully to one another and the needs of our world.


  • The Center hosts 6 Faculty Fellows and 2 Graduate Fellows to join under the theme “Authority and Subversion,” for the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • The center also sponsors the Annual Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Week during which noted scholars share important new thought on Holocaust and genocide studies and memorial.