Feature image of Human Resources Management (HRM)

The role of Human Resources Management (HRM) is to design, develop, and continually refine a comprehensive human resources management program that attracts, rewards, and retains high-quality faculty and staff to meet Northeastern University’s educational mission.

Human Resources Management encompasses the following five areas: benefits, compensation, talent management, human resources information systems, and training and development.

Audience(s): Workplace Diversity


Talent Acquisition

  • A Talent Acquisition Pilot Program has been launched during 2015-2016 in partnership with EMSA and the Global Network with the goal to:
    • Expand and enhance Talent Acquisition capabilities including increasing diversity at all levels.
    • Develop an Employee Value Proposition that attracts candidates to opportunities at the University.
    • Train managers and all those involved in the selection process on how to incorporate Behavioral Interviewing Tools to better understand and assess the talents of candidates.
    • Engage promising candidates more effectively in the recruitment and selection process to heighten their interest in positions.
    • Accelerate the hiring process, more effectively engage Northeastern staff in the selection process and improve the quality of the candidates hired.

Outreach And Recruitment – Expanded outreach, recruitment, and hiring initiatives with partners in the community.

  • In partnership with NU Crossing and other campus offices, HRM collaborates on the Annual On-Campus Community Job Fair.
  • The HRM team partners with Career Services and University temporary help agencies to offer job opportunity and workshops for members of the surrounding community to help community members prepare for their job search. Workshops include “Resume Writing”, “Interview Preparation”, “Attending A Job Fair”.
  • HRM initiates diversity outreach through job posting sites including; Blacks in Higher Education, The Boston- Bay State Banner, El Mundo Boston, Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education, IMDiversity, LPN.org, Sampan and Unity First.
  • HRM regularly partners with Boston Career Link, Greater Boston YMCA Training, Inc., Operation Able and Year-Up offering programs and workshops for community participants.

Talent Development

  • In order to provide development programs for all levels of leadership, management and supervisory staff, HRM has developed and rolled out an expanded portfolio of training and development programs for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors including The Leadership Development Program, Leading People, Delivering Results, Essentials of Management.
  • A widely expanded portfolio of professional development programs open to all staff have been presented as part of the creation of Fall and Spring Catalogs of program offerings. This expanded approach supports managers and staff in better planning for training and development activities. Over 20 new programs have been introduced in 2015-2016. Many new programs have received a very positive response. Examples of new programs are “ How to Have a Difficult Conversation” , “ Managing Up”, “Precision Thinking and Problem Solving”, and “Working in a Multi-Generational Workforce”.
  • A Pilot Talent Development Program has been launched by HRM during 2015-2016 in partnership with two University divisions with the goal to identify high potential staff, provide growth opportunities and stretch assignments and retain and advance strong talent.
  • Goal Based Performance Management adopted:
    • New Performance appraisal approach has been rolled out, effective spring of 2016 by all areas of the campus for management, professional and support positions.
    • Goal based approach aligns individual contributions with department and wider University goals.
    • Provides greater focus in performance management for staff and management development.

Employing our Neighbors

  • Northeastern currently employs 483 residents from the zip codes contiguous to campus, an increase of 95 employees over last year.
  • 87 individuals were hired for a new job as a result of connections made at the 3rd annual Northeastern Community Vendor Job Fair, almost reaching the goal of hiring 100 new employees from local zip codes.
  • Northeastern has committed to provide 10-15 three-month internship opportunities to community members per year.
  • New outreach efforts have been developed to inform local residents of hiring opportunities across the university.