Feature image of Future Faculty Program for Teaching in Higher Education

Supporting aspiring faculty, the Future Faculty Program for Teaching in Higher Education offers graduate students and post-doctoral scholars preparation for the teaching responsibilities of a faculty career. Open to all disciplines, this program gives participants the opportunity to engage in and document their development as educators. To complete this program, participants take a sequence of two semester-long Future Faculty Seminars: Research-Based Principles for Effective Teaching, in which participants learn about and apply research-based strategies for designing a college-level course specifically and student-centered learning environments generally, and Reflection and Assessment for Effective Teaching, in which participants explore and engage in a variety of practices to reflect on and assess their teaching, including a teaching observation by a Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research consultant.

Audience(s): Academics & Faculty


  • Each seminar meets every other week for 90-minute sessions, and participants must attend at least six of the seven sessions for each seminar.
  • These 90-minute sessions combine mini-lectures with discussions and other hands-on activities as participants develop and receive feedback on their teaching materials and ideas.
  • Between sessions, participants will be asked to complete short readings, exchange ideas and feedback via an online platform, or draft materials for in-session workshopping.