Feature image of Academic Plan

The university’s bold new academic plan, Northeastern 2025, places a premium on diversity and inclusion as keys to making people more agile and adaptable to different cultures, intellectual perspectives, and workplace challenges in an era of intelligent machines.

The plan transforms higher education from a tightly structured place-based model to a model built on global knowledge-sharing networks—of students, alumni, employers, teachers, and researchers—that anyone can personalize to their own goals. Learning is based on a dynamic network of people and experiences rather than a static catalog of courses. Research is a highly collaborative activity that connects innovators around the world, amplifying their ability to generate solutions to global challenges.

Diversity makes these networks strong and effective at achieving the goal of Northeastern 2025: instilling the qualities of agility that enable people to create the solutions that will drive tomorrow’s global economy, achieving what the most intelligent machines cannot: innovation.


  • 2015-2016 Planning Process called for extensive discussion of collective ambitions.
  • Six Strategic Themes were identified, they include: A Diverse & Inclusive University, Lifelong Experiential Learning, Faculty of the Future, The Global University, Research and Scholarship for Impact, PhD Joint Task Force.
  • A sub-committee of faculty, students and staff was created to focus on the Strategic Theme “A Diversity & Inclusion University”
  • Town Hall meetings were held throughout the academic year to collect feedback from campus constituents.
  • Opportunities to join in the discussion available on the Academic Plan website.