We have scheduled a variety of activity types throughout the day. If you are not sure which times best serve your interests, stop by or email with questions.

Monday through Friday

10 – 12: Drop-in-hours for knowledge exchange and workshops. Staff will be available to talk through projects and provide access to demo content.

12 – 1: Demo hours for groups using AR/VR/360 across campus to exhibit their projects and make connections. Groups or individuals may fill out this form to book the space for demos throughout the semester.

1 – 4: Content access hours. Bookable time for pilot participants who need to view content. Drop-in for non-pilot participants.

4 – 8: Developer hours. Bookable time for pilot participants who need to develop and test content. Drop-in for non-pilot participants.

Become a pilot participant and gain access to bookable time by filling out the pilot project intake form. If your proposal is approved, you may book one hour two times a week during content access hours and four hours two times a week during development hours.

Content Access

Demonstration content is available, and visitors may download their own content to access as well.

Content is available in a variety of topics:

  • Anatomy
  • Mathematics
  • Experiencing and creating art
  • Space Travel/Tours
  • Immersive video
  • Political Science
  • Social Justice
  • Geography

View our expanding list of content areas here. If you would like to request a content item for inclusion, please provide feedback using this link.

The Equipment

All equipment is available to rent and some is on display during operating hours.

  • 3 fully-equipped developer workstations with advanced graphics processing capabilities. Each workstation provides an optional headset for audio work
  • 1 Vive Pro HMD with controller and trackers
  • 1 Oculus Rift HMD with controller and trackers
  • 1 Microsoft Hololens
  • 2 Ricoh Theta 360° cameras and attachable microphones
  • 5 Samsung Gear 360 cameras

The Space

This space is actively being used as an area to develop and teach. Non-traditional, active, collaborative classes have had much success in this space.

  • Room capacity 5 – 30
  • Two large whiteboards for active learning and collaboration
  • Counter space for demonstration and display
  • Wall space accommodating visual aids/art
  • Two flat screen digital displays with multiple inputs (including wireless) for live presentations or video loops with the ability to display video, games, animation, and images
  • Center café height table for presentations and display
  • Wall hanging display cables

Discovery Lab Exhibitions and Demos

The vision of the Discovery Lab is to provoke thought and discussion by showcasing ideas and innovations at Northeastern. During the Fall and Spring 2018 semesters, we will be reserving the 12pm – 1pm period Monday through Friday for groups using AR/VR/360 across campus to exhibit their projects and make connections. Interdisciplinary programming is highly encouraged; co-sponsoring and collaborating with others departments or schools on theme-based exhibits may interest a broader audience and foster valuable relationships.

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