1. Check out a Samsung Gear 360 camera for 24 hours from the service desk in the library infocommons.
  2. Make sure you are using Google Chrome for live streaming
  3. Enable YouTube live streaming
    • Log in to YouTube using your personal Gmail account
    • Click on upload icon in the top banner
    • Create a channel
    • In your channel page, click on Get Started in the Live Streaming module on the right
    • Verify your account
  4. Install CyberLink ActionDirector Video Editing software (https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00066650/)
    • This will install Gear 360, and Gear 360 Live Broadcast
  5. For live streaming, open Gear 360 Live Broadcast
  6. Connect your camera to your computer
  7. Enter the serial number of your camera
  8. Configure these setting in Gear 360 Live Broadcast
    • Select camera: Gear 360
    • Broadcast to: YouTube
    • Select lens: Dual Camera
    • Event title: “Title of your event”
    • Description: “You can write a short description here”
    • Privacy
      • Public – anyone can view the live stream
      • Unlisted – anyone with the link can view the live stream
      • Private – only you can view the live stream
    • Video profile: 1920×960 (15fps)
  9. Click on Live
  10. Log into your YouTube account
  11. Now you’re streaming live 360 event on YouTube!

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