Many faculty, staff, students, and researchers have been working on projects related to AR/VR/360 for years in their own labs and with their own equipment. The page below features work done around the university. [More coming soon!]

Teaching and Learning

AR/VR/360 for Education

A primary goal of our project is to assess how AR/VR/360 can support experiential learning and other pedagogical and curricular goals. The lab is designed to be accessible for those who are unfamiliar with these technologies and for those with experience. Instructors who are interested in understanding how AR/VR/360 could be used in their courses are encouraged to contact Academic Technology Services for a demo and consultation with an academic technologist. We also work closely with the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research, and depending on your project, we can also book time with a CATLR learning scientist.



AR/VR/360 in Research

AR/VR/360 has been used in a number of research projects at Northeastern and globally. Researchers who are interested in using AR/VR/360 are encouraged to email to join our interest group which will allow you to make connections with students and other faculty.

Danielle Levac – Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality Lab

2 pm, September 14, 2018


AR/VR/360 in Co-curricular Activities

In many ways, students are leading the innovation in AR/VR/360 at Northeastern. In addition to providing a home base for Northeastern’s AR/VR Club and providing access to AR/VR/360 equipment for students working on related projects, the lab is designed to provide an on-ramp to students who are interested in getting started. Students working on projects are encouraged to apply for the pilot and should email with any questions.