Our group is interested in understanding collective and emergent behavior in out-of-equilibrium and disordered systems. My research employs methods in theoretical and computation condensed matter physics and applies to a wide range of biological and non-biological systems.


How do rosettes influent tissue mechanics?

(image courtesy Park Lab, Harvard School of Public Health)

Mechnosensing and Mechanotransduction during collective cell migration

How mechanical cues affect the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition.

(image courtesy Gopal et al Biochem J. 2016)

Understanding the relationship between cell stiffness and tissue rigidity in primary tumors.

Biomechanical Models for Morphogenesis

Soft Condensed Matter Physics

Photonic Materials Inspired by Biological Cells

Non-linear rheology of dense active suspensions.

Origin of force chains in frictional granular matter.