Vision of STEP:

The mission of STEP is to develop student employees into exceptional leaders skilled to enter a professional career upon graduation. The program focuses on providing students with experiences that will enhance their ability to grow in the following areas; self-knowledge, critical thinking, integrity, communication, initiative and technical expertise. The team of professional staff is also dedicated to providing students with practice-oriented experiences in the areas of event management, sound engineering, lighting design and AV production.

STEP CORE COMPETENCIES (Transferable skills)

The Core Competencies and transferable skills are those abilities that can be useful in many different settings.  They can make you qualified to enter into many different fields even though you may not have specific education or experience in that area.  Your position will allow you to progressively develop a variety of skills in a supportive environment where you can improve upon your weaker abilities, monopolize on your strengths, learn from your mistakes, and create your own personal character in the work setting.  The following list identifies only some of the skills that you will develop during your time working with us.  The list is not all-inclusive.

Leadership – the ability to motivate others, develop and implement programs, delegate responsibility, and lead by example.

Communication – the ability to listen to others objectively, paraphrase the content of the message, speak effectively, use various forms of written communication through written reports, etc.

Planning and Organization – the ability to identify alternative courses of action, accommodate multiple demands and requests, prioritize, establish goals and follow through on fulfilling these goals, manage time effectively, and predict future trends and patterns.

Event Planning – the ability to effectively plan programs, understanding what it takes to coordinate a successful event.

Management and Administrative Skills – the ability to analyze tasks, identify people and resources useful to the solution of a problem, delegate responsibility, manage time effectively, and successfully complete the formal training needed to do a job well.

Interpersonal and Human Relations Skills – the ability to interact effectively with peers, colleagues and supervisors, the ability to work well in a group, express feelings appropriately, understand the feelings of others, contribute in staff meetings, and share in staff responsibilities.

Informational Management Skills – the ability to problem solve, sort data and objects, compile and rank information, apply information creatively to problems or tasks, synthesize facts, concepts and principles, understand and use organizing principles, evaluate information against appropriate standards.

Critical Thinking Skills – the ability to identify quickly and accurately the critical issues when making a decision or solving a problem, identify problems and needs, identify information sources appropriate to a problem or need, and formulate questions to clarify a problem.

Valuing Skills – the ability to assess a course of action in terms of its long-range effects on the general human welfare, make decisions that will maximize both individual and collective good, and the ability to use ethical thinking and decision-making when solving issues.

Employment Opportunities:

Work-Study Opportunities – Curry Student Center

The Curry Student Center offers more than a simple work-study job. We provide experiences that will be valuable today and in the future. In addition to your job, you will have the opportunity to take on leadership roles, get involved in activities, and participate in workshops to benefit your work experience and personal life. Our work-study staff is comprised of over 120 students, working many different areas in the Curry Student Center such as Game Room, Operations Desk, Gallery 360 and Info Desk.

Work-Study Opportunities – Event Management

In addition to jobs in the Curry Student Center, there are many other work-study positions available in the Event Management Department. Many of our employees work at some of our other venues like Blackman Auditorium, The Fenway Center and afterHOURS, the late night student venue in the basement as ushers/security, sound and light technicians and house managers. There are over 250 students who work for Event Management during the school year in the various areas.

How do I get the job?

You must have work-study funding in order to apply for any work-study position within the Curry Student Center. If you have questions regarding your work-study eligibility, please contact the Student Employment Office at (617) 373-3200.

To apply for a work-study job, log into your myNEU account,click on the Self-Service Tab, click on Work Study, then click Find a Job and look up “Event Management“.

Co-op Opportunities

Each semester, the Curry Student Center looks to hire enthusiastic co-op students; For more information on these positions, please email your resume to

Part-Time Jobs

There is a limited number of non-work-study, part time job opportunities for students available in the Curry Student Center. To find opportunities for a part time job, please log into the student employment website and look up “Event Management” as we will post any open part time opportunities there. Thanks!

Employee Manual:

The employee manual lists specific duties for each position as well as departmental policies.  All employees are responsible to follow the policies and procedures stated in the Employee Manual.


Completing my final co-op in the Curry Student Center as the manager of the Information Desk and Gallery 360 has directly influenced my jobs and opportunities post-graduation. Without this learning experience I would not have had the tools and knowledge to access some amazing opportunities after graduating. My unique experience at the Gallery 360 gave me the confidence to pursue a career in the art world, leading me to work at the ICA in Boston and intern at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy. Additionally, learning to work with and manage a large group of my peers in the their work study positions, and working with the Event Management team, equipped me with the necessary tools to be successful in my next Northeastern endeavor as an International Student Advisor with The program, which will lead me to Dublin, Ireland this fall with over 100 study abroad students.  Without my co-op in Event Management, I can truly say that I would not have been nearly as successful in pursuing these opportunities after graduation.

Abigail Daggett, 2013 NU Graduate: BS in Psychology, minor in Art History


Working at Event Management was a great preparation into the real world. I learned skills that are important in any job, from leadership and problem solving under pressure and tight deadlines, to understanding interpersonal relationships and being able to relate to persons of any background. Being able to work in such a collaborative, supportive environment was extremely useful in life and work. On the technical side, I learned the importance of troubleshoot and a wide range of audio, visual, and computer systems, again under pressure. I’m confident working with Event Management at Northeastern University has helped prepare me for any job or career I pursue in the future.

Jason Smith, Criminal Justice, ’14


Working for event management provides employees the opportunity for growth across many of the technical positions across the production and entertainment field, but also allows for the development of transferable skills such as interpersonal skills, leadership, and working with a team.

What stands out about working with event management more so than any other company is the wide diversity of events and clients that we work with. It’s not unusual to have a corporate event in the morning and then work dance show or comedian that night. Working with such a large variety really helped to make me a more flexible employee, which as a freelancer is invaluable – every day of work is something different and being able to adapt to any situation is one of the fastest ways to get noticed (in a good way).

Shannon Knotts, 2013 NU graduate; Business Administration


Being a part of the Event Management Department at Northeastern University has been a highly rewarding and enriching experience. Before joining the team, I had a strong interest in all things audio-visual. However, I lacked clear career goals and the necessary knowledge to contribute in a live venue setting. My tenure with the department has allowed me to advance from a co-op role to a Senior Event Manager position and has offered me critical development in technological knowledge and managerial skills. I have found a passion in audio engineering, and any position I maintain within this field will be supplemented by my experiences with the Event Management Department.

Andris Briga, 2013 NU graduate; Music Technology


Working as a technician at Northeastern University Event Management for the past 3 years has continuously given me a steadily rising bar of expectation for me to work towards. Starting as an usher employed on work-study my freshman year, I was one of the youngest people to get promoted to become a technician. Being the least experienced and the youngest on the staff could have enabled me to comfortably maintain the position for at least a brief period, but instead it inspired me to ask questions and prod for training from my other older and more experienced coworkers. Showing interest in the field and the specialties of those around me quickly proved to be the best way to gain respect from my coworkers and clients that came through our venues. Three years later I feel like I’ve steadily become better and better at my job as I learn more and more through the introduction of new equipment, progression of senior technicians into new positions, and tried and true growing practical experience. As a chemistry major, many employers appreciate my experience at Event Management as proof of responsibility for and familiarity with expensive and advanced equipment, which is definitely a pro in my field. My success at Event Management has given me the confidence to know how to best excel in whichever job I choose and has taught me how to advance and learn and grow professionally.

  Emma Soucy, Chemistry Major, ‘16


As a Music Technology student at Northeastern, I began working for Event Management this year specifically eager to gain experience working with audio equipment. As I had been hoping, I have already learned quite a lot about working with sound in my time here so far. On top of that, though, I have developed many other broader skills that will continue to apply to almost everything else I do in life. For example, the somewhat unpredictable task of making sure various types of events run smoothly can often put our staff in situations where they must act very quickly to come up with solutions, sometimes literally in a matter of mere seconds, all while remaining calm and cordial to clients and guests. Working in this kind of environment quickly taught me to be prepared for just about anything, which makes me feel much more confident both as an employee of Event Management and as a candidate for other jobs in the future.

Zachary Cadman, Music Composition & Technology, ‘16


There is no question that working in the Curry Student Center helped prepare me for employment as a co-op and beyond. While working at the Game Room and Operations Desk as a freshman, I learned the importance of customer service and professionalism. While working as a Building Manager and Event Manager over the next four years, I learned the importance of leadership and staying calm when things don’t go according to plan. Once you have to fix a malfunctioning projector with a room of three hundred people watching, interviews seem a lot less stressful. The vast array of skills that I learned in these positions helped set me apart as an applicant for co-op and full-time positions, and continues to benefit me as I begin my post-graduate professional career.

Will Pett, History and Political Science, ‘14


Working at Event Management has helped me professionally in numerous ways. I’ve become a proficient live sound engineer and also attained knowledge in venue management, lighting design, and stage management. The job has also strengthened practical foundations such as effective multi-tasking and client hospitality. The technical expertise I’ve gained allows me to feel confident working any capacity in an events-related job, and I believe the pragmatic skills are integral to any profession.

Callum Plews , Music Technology, ‘14