The Building Systems from Scratch project integrates systems and computational thinking into middle school learning about climate science by interweaving game design and climate science learning. The project is based on the idea that when young people build games, they construct knowledge at the same time.


“Addressing the need to educate our students with computational skills to think about alarming problems such as climate change, we seek to build an innovative curriculum where students will learn about climate science through building a game using Scratch, a visual programming environment. Through modeling and simulating climate topics in a game, students will learn the necessary computational and systems thinking skills that will help them to critically assess and understand complex problems and then seek (computational) solutions for it.”

Casper Hartveld, Assistant Professor, Game Design Program


The curriculum will be developed through iterative deployment with collaborating schools in Cambridge and Lowell. This project is made possible with funding from the National Science Foundation. For more information, see website.