The Resilient Cities Laboratory connects disciplinary research on pressing social, economic, environmental, and engineering challenges in the urban environment, and links this research with education and practice.

Housed in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University, the Lab functions as a hub that brings together people and academic disciplines. It serves as "the middle piece" between urban investment and policy making, and cooperative and experiential learning. Browse our interdisciplinary research projects below, or continue reading to learn more about the Resilient Cities Laboratory. Read More>>

Resilience Governance Project

Tide Gate Modulation

Social Resilience in Brazil

Future-Use Architecture: Design for Persistent Change

GeoExplorer: A virtual playground for civil engineers

Geospacial assessment of potential bioenergy crop production on urban marginal land

Debris: Game-based experiments to explore how humans and algorithms can work together

Geospatial assessment of ground level and rooftop urban agriculture potential in Boston

Building Systems from Scratch: Creating an innovative curriculum where middle school students learn about climate science through building a game

VistaLights: A game to explore decision making and the use of decision aids for managing resilient supply chain systems in critical infrastructures