“Liberation or Panopticon? The Costs and Benefits of Emerging Technologies”

Time: 1:35 to 3:30pm
Location: 240 Dockser Hall, Northeastern University School of Law
Sponsored By: Philosophy and Religion Department and the PPE Program
Contact: Bartlomiej Chomanski (

Speaker: Matthew Feeney Director, Project On Emerging Technologies

Advances in new and emerging technologies have provided people all over the world with valuable services and tools that enhance free speech and privacy. Social media sites allow billions of people to connect to each other and express their thoughts. Blogs provide platforms for dissidents, commentators, students, and many others. End-to-end encryption keeps our communications private. Yet governments across the world are investing in technologies that can be used for invasive surveillance, such as facial recognition, drones, and machine learning. At a time when new technologies can seem to be both liberating and part of a growing panopticon it’s worth asking if civil liberties can survive the proliferation of ever-expansive surveillance tools.


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