Welcome to the World Languages Center!

As Northeastern University continues to become more globally engaged and integrated, the study of languages becomes significantly more valued and more important to the success of our students.

Increasingly, Northeastern students want to know how other communities view the world, encode their realities, and express their values and traditions. Northeastern students realize that understanding the rich mosaic of different ways of being in this world and understanding other languages of the world are critical to becoming well-educated, fulfilled citizens.

To respond to the growing student demand for languages and to increase the number of languages that we offer, the World Languages Center was created. The primary goal of the World Languages Center is to offer an expanding array of languages in a variety of instructional formats for Northeastern students and to ensure that students are able to take at least two years of instruction (four semesters) in any language offered by the WLC.


Ongoing Events:

Caffé Italiano

Spring 2018 Semester

Open conversation and game event where you can practice Italian while enjoying a real Italian Espresso and cookies among friends.

Every Thursday, in 273 Ryder, from 3:00 to 4:00

Contact: l.maiellaro@northeastern.edu