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Student Spotlight

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Audrey Leduc is a Finance & Marketing major with a WGSS minor, a combination she does not see very often among business students.

“I think that everyone could benefit from taking these classes,” Audrey said, “but particularly business students seeing as there is such a large discrepancy in the ratio of women to men that hold high level corporate positions.”

Audrey is president of Northeastern’s Women in Business club and a sister of Kappa Delta, both of which encourage female leadership and confidence building. One of her main role models is Sheryl Sandberg, whose book, Lean In, seeks to empower women working in male-dominated workplaces. Since Audrey plans to work in finance, she finds Sandberg’s advice and anecdotes relatable and looks up to her as a model of success.

Among the WGSS courses Audrey has taken for the minor, one of her favorites was Communication & Gender, taught by Dr. Jessica Speed Wiley. She especially valued how conducive Wiley’s class was to open communication. Audrey feels that her WGSS minor has made her more well-rounded, expanding her interests beyond the business school. She credits the professors and students she has encountered with exposing her to new theories and information, inspiring her, and pushing the way she thinks.

Published On: June 29, 2017