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Declare a CSSH Major

In order to declare a CSSH major, students must schedule an appointment and meet with the CSSH academic advisor for their desired major.

Here are the possible pathways to declaring a CSSH major:


Major-specific entrance criteria

International Affairs:

Any student with an overall GPA of 2.500 or higher may transfer into the following International Affairs majors and combined majors:

Students with GPA of 2.000–2.499 are eligible for a Transitional Semester. The student and the CSSH academic advisor will complete a Transitional Semester Contract for the intended major during their meeting. This contract will outline the necessary grades and/or GPA the student is required to earn during the Transitional Semester in order to enter their desired International Affairs major or combined major.

Students with GPA of 2.000–2.499 must complete the following course with a grade of B- or better:

  • INTL 1101 Globalization and International Affairs (4 SH)

Additionally, transitional semester students must complete two of the following three courses with a grade of B- or better:

  • ANTH 1101 Peoples and Cultures (4 SH)
  • HIST 2211 World History since 1945 (4 SH)
  • POLS 1160 International Relations (4 SH)


**Note**: The Environmental Studies and International Affairs combined major is housed within the College of Science (COS).  To see requirements for major change requirements for COS majors,  click here


Politics, Philosophy, & Economics (PPE):

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.000 or higher will be eligible to change their majors to the PPE program.