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Selected Graduate Student Publications

Wallis Adams

Adams, W., Todorova, I., Guzzardo, M., and Falcon, L. (2015) “‘The problem here is that they want to solve everything with pills’: Medication use and identity among Mainland Puerto Ricans.” Sociology of Health and Illness. DOI: 10.1111/1467-9566.12240

Adams, W., Todorova, I., and Falcon, L. (2015) Puerto Rican Victimization and Crime on the Mainland: The Role of Acculturation. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Science. 37(1): 59-74. DOI:10.1177/0739986314564149

Guzzardo, M., Todorova, I., Adams, W., and Falcon, L. (2015) “Half here, half there”: Dialogical selves among older Puerto Ricans of the diaspora. Journal of Constructive Psychology. DOI: 10.1080/10720537.2015.1016640

Todorova, I., Guzzardo, M., Adams, W., and Falcon, L. (2014) Gratitude and Longing: Meanings of Health in Aging for Puerto Rican Adults in the Mainland. Journal of Health Psychology. DOI: 10.1177/1359105313519155


Emily Cummins

Cummins, Emily R., and Linda M. Blum. 2015. “‘Suits To Self-Sufficiency’ Dress for Success and Neoliberal Maternalism.” Gender & Society. 29(5):623–646.


Anjuli Fahlberg

Fahlberg, A., & Vicino, T. J. (2016). “Breaking the city: Militarization and segregation in Rio de Janeiro.” Habitat International, 54, 10-17.


Andrea Hill

Arford, Tammi and Andrea Hill (equal co-authors). 2012. “Role Conflict and Congruence: Academic Sociologists Occupy Boston.” Berkeley Journal of Sociology 56:132-46.

Hill, Andrea, Tammi Arford, Amy Lubitow, and Leandra Smollin. 2012. “‘I’m Ambivalent About It’: The Dilemmas of PowerPoint.” Teaching Sociology 40(3):242-56.

Steven P. Vallas and Andrea Hill (2012), “Conceptualizing Power in Organizations”, in David Courpasson, Damon Golsorkhi, Jeffrey J. Sallaz (ed.) Rethinking Power in Organizations, Institutions, and Markets (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Volume 34), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.165-197


Curtis Holland

Holland, Curtis. 2013. “An Empirical Analysis of the Structuration of American Ideologies about Economic Justice.” Qualitative Sociology Review 9(4): 84-99.

Liem, Marieke, Jack Levin, Curtis Holland, and James A. Fox. 2013. “The Nature and Prevalence of Familicide in the United States, 2000-2009.”  Journal of Family Violence 28(4): 351-358.


Jennifer Dobruck Lowe

Dobruck Lowe, Jennifer. (2012). Social Networks as an Anti-Poverty Strategy. Boston: Crittenton Women’s Union.


Ethel Mickey

Straus, Murray A. and Ethel L. Mickey. 2012. “Reliability, validity, and prevalence of partner violence measured by the conflict-tactics scale in male-dominant nations.” Aggression and Violent Behavior 17:463-474.



Ashley Reichelmann

Levin, J. and A. Reichelmann. 2015. “From Thrill to Defensive Motivation: The Role of Group Threat in the Changing Nature of Hate-Motivated Assaults,” American Behavioral Scientist (issue on hate crimes), Vol 59 (12), 2015; 1546-1561.

Liem, M. and A. Reichelmann. 2013. “Patterns of Multiple Family Homicide.”  Homicide Studies: An Interdisciplinary and International Journal, special edition on Mass Murder, 18: 44-58.


Mia Renauld

Hoover, Elizabeth, Mia Renauld, Michael Edelstein, Phil Brown. 2015. “Painting the Whole Picture: Social Science Collaboration with Environmental.” Environmetnal Health Perspectives. (Advance Publication, May 12, 2015)


Firuzeh Shokooh Valle

Jeffrey, Juris, Michelle Ronayne, Firuzeh Shokooh Valle and Robert Wengronowitz. 2012. “Negotiating Power and Difference within the 99%,” Social Movement Studies 11, Vol. 3-4 (2012): 434-440.


Leandra Smollin

Smollin, Leandra M. and Arnold Arluke. 2013. “Rites of Pedagogical Passage: How Graduate Sociology Instructors Manage the Challenges of First Time Teaching.” Teaching Sociology. Online first, at http://tso.sagepub.com/. DOI: 10.1177/0092055X13502181.

Hill, Andrea, Tammi Arford, Amy Lubitow, and Leandra M. Smollin. 2012. “I’m Ambivalent About It: The Dilemmas of PowerPoint.” Teaching Sociology 40(3):242-256.

Smollin, Leandra M. 2011. “Conceptualizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Adolescent Dating Violence: A Review and Discussion of Research and Theory.” The Rutgers Journal of Sociology: Emerging Areas in Sociological Inquiry 1(1):133-164.


Elizabeth Williams

Kimelberg, Shelley M. and Elizabeth Williams. 2012. “Evaluating the Importance of Business Location Factors: The Influence of Facility Type.” Growth and Change.

Chambliss, William and Elizabeth Williams. 2011. “Analysing Transnational Organized Crime: Conflict, Critical, and Structural Contradictions Theory.” Invited Chapter for Routledge Handbook of Transnational Organized Crime, eds. Felia Allum and Stan Gilmour. Routledge.