Sociology Graduate Students at Northeastern win Major Awards

This year was one of particular accomplishment for our PhD students. Limiting ourselves only to the following fellowships, we are proud to announce the following achievements, and congratulate our students for the recognitions they have begun to win.

Emily Cummins, Ph.D. candidate in Sociology and Anthropology, received the GCWS 2014 Mother Board Writing award for her paper titled: “Suit(ed) for Success? Feminism, Neoliberalism, and Gendered Self-Sufficiency”. All Mother Board Writing Prize submissions were evaluated by a prize review committee comprised of members of the GCWS Board of Directors. In selecting this work, the committee offered this reflection:

Based on 8 months of fieldwork, Emily Cummins’ “Suit(ed) for Success?” offers a clearly written, strongly documented, theoretically grounded case study of the discursive practices of the organization Dress for Success. The essay illustrates the disconnect between a certain liberal US discourse about women’s empowerment and the real needs of poor minoritized women seeking work. Drawing on interdisciplinary feminist theory and methodology, this excellent work of feminist scholarship will contribute to a broad range of fields and literatures.

Jesse Fenichel, J.D. (NYU) and PHD student in Sociology, has been awarded a Fulbright Research Fellowship for academic year 2014-15. His project centers on the outsourcing of legal processing work from the United States to the Philippines (which is now the largest knowledge processing site in the world). To read more about Jesse’s Fulbright Research Fellowship go to

Meghan Doran, PhD student in Sociology, has been awarded a Humanities Center Fellowship for the 2014-year. Her project, on collective memory and the desegregation of Boston public schools, will contribute perfectly to the Center’s program on “Space and Place.”

Katrina Uhly, ABD in Sociology, has been awarded a Dissertation Completion Fellowship for Fall 2014. This will enable Katrina to complete her analysis of the cultural and organizational dynamics of diversity at an elite university (Ecole Polytechnique) in France.

Firuzeh Shokooh Valle,  a PHD student in Sociology, has received a year-long Minority Fellowship from the American Sociological Association for the academic year 2014-2015. This will support Firuzeh as she advances her research on feminist movements and social media within Latin America contexts.

Yingchan Zhang, PHD Candidate in Sociology, has received a Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship from the Social Science Research Council for the 2014 fellowship year.  This greatly helps Yingchan to conduct research on urban development strategies and the recruitment of skilled labor by cities within China.


Published On: April 9, 2014 |
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