Assistant Professor Silvia Dominguez

“Creating Networks for Survival and Mobility” written by Silvia Dominguez and Celeste Watkins and appearing in Social Problems (2003) is being used in the training of service providers at the Crittenton Women’s Union in Boston, MA.

Silvia Dominguez has been contacted by the National Association of Social Workers to develop two courses, one based on Getting Ahead and another based on the article she published with Tammi Arford in the Health Sociology Review in 2010. These courses aim at illustrating how to use social network-based interventions for both community and individual interventions to decrease health disparities. These courses will be available online as continuing education credits for Licensed Social Workers.

“Acculturation of Host Individuals: Immigrants and Personal Networks,” co-written with Isidro Maya-Jariego and published by Community Psychology in 2008, receive international attention appearing in the following German and Spanish academic websites:,

Dominguez’s participation in the development of the mental health polity for Liberia has brought her national and international recognition. She was featured in the Northeastern University Impact Magazine, which is diffused to high schools all over the United States as well as internationally. The article about her experience in Liberia demonstrates how her global experience enhances her teaching. In addition, she appeared NU News and Physorg, a multi-disciplinary academic news website: and

In March of 2011. Dominguez was invited to a Meet the Author session at Snell Library, Northeastern University where she talked to a packed audience about Getting Ahead: Social Mobility, Publish Housing and Immigrant Networks.

Published On: July 14, 2011 |
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