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The PlusOne Program in Criminology and Criminal Justice provides an opportunity for the best of Northeastern’s undergraduate criminal justice majors to complete both the undergraduate program (BS) in criminal justice and the graduate degree program (MS) in criminology and criminal justice in less time than if the programs were completed sequentially.

Students earning a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s degree from the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University would need to earn a total of 158 semester hours of credit (128 semester hours for the BS and 32 semester hours for the MS). However, in the Plus One program, students are allowed to take up to 16 semester hours of graduate courses in their junior and senior years, thereby reducing the total number of semester hours required for both degrees to 144.

Admission to the PlusOne Program (sample)

Undergraduate students may apply to the PlusOne program at the beginning of their junior year, contingent upon having completed the following courses in the undergraduate criminal justice major:

CRIM 1100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CRIM 2100 Criminal Due Process
CRIM 2200 Criminology
CRIM 3600 Criminal Justice Research Methods
CRIM 3700 Criminal Justice Statistics

Formal application to the program is limited to students who have an undergraduate record with an overall GPA of at least 3.00 for regular PlusOne admission and 3.25 for Direct Entry PlusOne in courses taken to date and have completed at least 64 semester hours of undergraduate credit. Although formal application occurs at 64sh, PlusOne advising begins as soon as the student has expressed in an interest in pursuing the PlusOne program.

The Program

Once a student is admitted to the PlusOne program, the graduate courses in which the student enrolls would replace up to 15 semester hours of upper-division criminal justice electives. Upon admission, students would typically complete the following Master’s core courses during their junior and/or senior years to earn these 15 semester hours:

CRIM 7200 Criminology (4sh)
CRIM 7202 The Criminal Justice Process (4sh)
CRIM 7404 Research Methods and Statistics (4sh)
CRIM XXXX Grad Elective* (4sh)

Once all undergraduate degree requirements have been met, including the completion of at least 128 semester hours, students will graduate with the Bachelor’s degree and formally enter the Master of Science program. Students then complete an additional 16 semester hours of graduate coursework in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice to earn the Master’s degree.

How to Apply

Undergraduate students who think they might be interested in eventually pursuing the PlusOne program should make an appointment to meet with the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice undergraduate academic advisor  first and then the graduate program coordinator (Jennifer Smith, 617.373.8849) at the earliest opportunity to make sure the program is the right fit. Early contact and ongoing advising are key to successful Plus One programs.

Prior to the start of their junior year, if the School has determined that a student is eligible to apply for the PlusOne Program, students can download the PlusOne Internal Admission Application.

Submit this form, along with any additional materials required, to the College of Social Science and Humanities Graduate School, 180 Renaissance Park.

Once the application and applicable materials have been submitted to the College, all materials will be entered into the ApplyYourself application system by Graduate School staff and the recommenders will be notified by email to submit their letters via this system. Students will be notified of the Graduate Admissions Committee decision within a month of completing their application.