The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers a bachelor of science program rooted in Northeastern’s renowned system of cooperative education, which lets you alternate periods of learning in the classroom with periods of learning in the workplace.

For those students whose interest in criminal justice extends beyond the components of the criminal justice system, the School offers a combined degree with human services. This program allows students to combine interests in the justice system, political advocacy, and community development in ways that may allow them to make a positive difference in local communities.

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For students interested in obtaining a Master’s degree in criminal justice, the School also offers a joint BS/MS program for highly motivated students. The BS/MS program combines the requirements of the Master’s and the Bachelor’s degrees in a way that should add about one year of study to the student’s academic plan. Since this is an accelerated program, interested students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor early in their academic career at Northeastern to discuss the process for being admitted to the program. This program is referred to as the PlusOne Program.

As you study Law and Justice, Global Criminology, Criminology and Public Policy and/or Criminal Justice Organizations and Leadership you work alongside police officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, parole officers and other professionals. You learn how the criminal justice system really operates, and how you want to fit into it.

And it doesn’t stop there. At Northeastern, the advantages of co-op and a rigorous professional education combine with a strong emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences – creating an integrated education unique in the academic world.