Institute on Race and Justice

The Institute on Race and Justice (IRJ) brings together experts from Northeastern University’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, School of Law, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and Department of African American Studies to examine questions on race and justice facing communities. Through the leadership of the Community Advisory Board, the Institute works on projects toward the goal of conducting nationally recognized research and providing leadership on race and justice issues.

The mission of the Institute is to utilize strategic social science research methodologies to assist government agencies, educational institutions, and community stakeholders in the development of policy changes to advance the cause of social justice. The Institute was founded on the premise that academic institutions can work with communities to provide rigorous and objective information that can be used to influence policy changes that advance the cause of social justice.

This research model attempts to enhance scientific inquiries with that input and experiences of community stakeholders who struggle with issues of racial injustice. The coupling of community practitioners and social scientists allows practitioners access to academic input while providing academics with more current and salient ideas and data on issues in the field.

Staff from the Institute conduct a wide variety of research projects including:

• Analysis of the existence of racial profiling by law enforcement in the state of Rhode Island

• Analysis of challenges to identifying and prosecuting cases of human trafficking

• Analysis of barriers to identifying cases of human trafficking for labor

• Analysis of hate crimes against immigrants and Hispanics

For more information, please visit the Institute on Race and Justice at Northeastern University website.

The Violence and Justice Research Laboratory (VJRL) supports and promotes research in the areas of violence and victimization, its impact and consequences, and the role of the justice system in addressing these issues. We have a particular focus on underserved and understudied populations, who are often particularly vulnerable to experiencing violence. Our scholarship aims to inform policy and move forward empirical knowledge as well as help develop future generations of scholars within this arena. The lab utilizes a structured mentoring system to prepare undergraduate and graduate student researchers in a variety of techniques and methodological approaches. As violence research is spread across various disciplines (psychology, criminal justice, sociology, public health, medicine, social work) the VJRL is an interdisciplinary entity, which aims to bring collaborators and students from various disciplines within the social sciences to help move forward our knowledge in these areas.