Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research

The mission of the Center for Criminal Justice Policy Research is to utilize strategic social science research methodologies in the endeavor to assist government agencies, educational institutions and members of the private sector with the development, enhancement, and implementation of contemporary criminal justice policies. Directed by Jack McDevitt, Associate Dean for Research in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, the center provides agencies with data analysis and technical assistance in both policy and program evaluation areas in order to develop and promote the most effective criminal justice programs and policies.

The center is funded primarily from external research grants and contracts. Recent contracts have been awarded to the Center by the National Institute of Justice, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of Justice Assistance, the Office of Community Orientated Policing, the Boston Police Department, the Chelsea Police Department and The Boston Foundation.

The center has been involved in a wide variety of research projects, including:

• A study of workplace violence issues in Massachusetts communities

• A national evaluation of School Resource Officer programs

• Research sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Statistics to understand and improve hate crime reporting across the United States

• An evaluation of programming and reentry offered to inmates in the Norfolk County House of Correction

• Conduct a national survey of the impact of sexual assault on Latina women