Completed Dissertations


David Abeling-Judge, “Examining the Impact and Changing Nature of Social Influences of Desistance from Crime and General Offending”

Anne Corbin, “Role, Conflict Among Juvenile Defenders in an Expressed Interests Jurisdiction: An Empirical Study”

Dara Drawbridge, “Expressiveness and Instrumentality in Homicide: Hybrid Crime Scenes and the Links Among Situations, Psychological Processes, and Actions”

Stephanie Fahy, “Safe Harbors of Minors Involved in Prostitution: Understanding How Criminal Justice Officials Perceive and Respond to Minors Involved in Prostitution in a State with a Safe Harbor Law”

Emmanuelle Klossou, “Reform Effects: A Study of the Effects of Case Law and Legislation on the Sentencing of Offenders in US Federal Courts”


Matthew Dolliver, “Perceived gender role performance and minor general deviance in college students: A test of gender role stress theory”

Kristin Bell Gerke, “Victims’ voices: Sexual violence in the Armenian and Rwandan genocides”

Carlos Montiero, “Understanding Persistent Offending Among Incarcerated Offenders through General Strain Theory”



V-Tsien Fan, “Designing a comprehensive anti-corruption counterstrategy for the private sector”

Alicia Girgenti, “The Intersection of victim race and gender in capital cases: Evidence from the capital jury project”

Yu Zhang, “Bureaucracy and law A study of Chinese criminal courts and social media”



Christopher Bruell, “The relationship of coercion, social support and self-efficacy with violent crime”

Diana Summers Dolliver, “Organized crime, culture, and social institutions in Europe: an application of institutional anomie theory”

Laura Gross, “Struggling for success: the role of social support in female reentry pathways”

Meghan Hollis, “Defining crime: an analysis of organizational influences on police processing of information”

Rebecca Pfeffer, “Autistic and at-risk: the public and personal safety of children with autism spectrum disorders”

Chad Posick, “Untangling offending and victimization: a comparative study of the victim-offender overlap”

Michael Rocque, “Understanding the relationship between maturation and desistance from crime: a life-course developmental approach”

Danielle Rousseau, “Gender and social control: examining the federal justice process for women offenders”

Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal, “Understanding contemporary maritime piracy”



Adam Stearn, “Subcultural theory, drift and publicity: how a contemporary culture of adolescence relates to delinquency”

Garrett Warfield, “Managing mentally ill inmates in Massachusetts: risk assessment, classification, and programming in a house of correction”



Sam Ansari, “Understanding and modeling the convergence of the UCR and NCVS: a time series analysis”

Camie Morris, “A cross-national study on public confidence in police”

William Pruitt, “Toward a modified collective action theory of genocide: A qualitative comparative analysis”

Ann Marie Rocheleau, “Prisoners coping skills and involvement in serious prison misconduct and violence”

Jenna Savage, “Gendered pathways from strain to delinquency during adolescence: an integration of general strain theory and differential gender socialization”

Deborah Vegh, “College students and the illicit use of prescription drugs: a test of general strain theory”



Kathleen Currul-Dykeman, “Understanding the effects of the court community on the processing of domestic violence cases”

Joseph Gustafson, “Diversity in municipal police agencies: a national examination of its determinants and effects”