SCCJ Celebrates 50 Years!


Alumna’s Latest Mission: Gather Key Intel for Military in Afghanistan

Northeastern alumna, Army 1st Lieutenant Lauren Mitchell is about to begin her second tour of duty as an Army intelligence officer in Afghanistan, where she will provide Special Forces with the information they need to carry out precision missions. With the help of Northeastern’s co-op program, she landed internships with the Coast Guard Investigative Service and…
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Professor Fox & Doctoral Student Emma Fridel Analyze School Shootings

Professor James Alan Fox & doctoral student Emma Fridel recently shared their new findings on school gun violence with News at Northeastern. In the article, they analyzed data collected by USA Today, the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Report, Congressional Research Service, Gun Violence Archive, Stanford Geospatial Center and Stanford Libraries, Mother Jones, Everytown for Gun Safety, and…
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Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study

Undergraduate student Nicole Dill, doctoral candidate Steven Zane, and Professor Brandon Welsh publish new findings from the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study project. Published in the Journal of Experimental Criminology, the article examines the historical influences on the study’s innovative research design. Begun in 1939, the Cambridge-Somerville Youth Study (CSYS) is recognized as the first delinquency prevention experiment and the…
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Doctoral students, Stuti Kokkalera and Monica DeLateur, published in The Criminologist

Doctoral students, Stuti Kokkalera and Monica DeLateur, have been published in The Criminologist with their article “The Benefits of a Practical Internship During your PhD” (pages 39-41). The article looks at how an internship within ones’ dissertation field can benefit not only the student but the dissertation quality as well.

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Jean Egan

As Senior Co-op Coordinator and Faculty member, Jean Egan has delivered outstanding service to the SCCJ students, faculty, staff, and alumni of our program for more than 40 years. She is adored by our undergraduate students who consistently state that Jean is a highly-influential early career mentor. 

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Mayura Ludhani Jaisinghani


I chose to attend Northeastern University because I was attracted by the many opportunities it offers to students. This includes the co-op program, and study abroad of all kinds.

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