SCCJ Mission Statement

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice prepares students for professional and research careers in criminal justice, criminology and related fields by applying multidisciplinary and comparative social science to understand, predict and explain crime and contribute to the development of public policy within urban communities. Using an active learning approach, the School seeks to develop its students intellectually and ethically, while providing them with a keen appreciation for the complexities of crime, and public and private efforts to make communities safer and ensure justice.

Emma Fridel, PhD Student, and Dr James Alan Fox publish in Violence and Gender

Dr James Alan Fox and PhD student Emma Fridel have published “Gender Differences in Patterns and Trends in U.S. Homicide, 1976–2015” in Violence and Gender. Abstract: In the research literature on homicide, gender has generally received less attention than other demographic characteristics, specifically the age and race of victims and offenders. To some extent, this…
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Ruffin Society Convocation on Race and Justice in Massachusetts and America

The Ruffin Society held the Convocation on Race and Justice in Massachusetts and America on April 14, 2017. The Convocation brought together members of the community, police, and legal system to discuss race relations and how that impacts minorities in the criminal justice system. From Jason Kornwitz’s article: “Collaboration is key to improving race relations…
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Steven Zane

Doctoral Student

Criminology represented an interesting academic discipline that, despite its roots in sociology, combined many of my interests ranging from philosophy to economics, psychology, political science, and of course law.

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Dodi Feldman

Undergraduate Student, '17

I knew going into college that I was passionate about Criminal Justice, and after hearing about the co-op program, I was sure Northeastern was the right place for me.

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