Sidita Kushi

Doctoral Candidate


Sidita is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in International Relations and Comparative Politics. Her regional specialty is Eastern Europe. She also possesses a strong background in economic theory and quantitative analysis. Sidita serves as a Teaching Assistant for courses including Introduction to International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Globalization and International Affairs. She has lectured on Albanian domestic policy, the Kosovo Crisis, the 2014 Ukrainian Crisis, and European Union enlargement into the Balkans.

Research Interests

Sidita’s research interests primarily relate to International Political Economy (IPE) dynamics as they influence post-conflict rebuilding in ethnically fragmented regions, specifically in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Currently, Sidita is researching the role of identity, history, and interests in motivating humanitarian interventions in the Balkans, through quantitative modeling. Sidita is a frequent contributor to Atlantic Community, an open think tank on transatlantic relations. She has previously published on Albanian-Serbian relations, NATO’s future in Europe, and transatlantic political identities.

Prior Work

In the recent past, Sidita is pleased to have worked for the New York State Department of Labor, researching labor market and economic trends and instructing clients on new policies. She has also served as a Poli/Econ Graduate Intern at US Embassy Tirana, where she conducted extensive research on Albanian domestic policy and US-Balkans relations, and as a research intern at the district office of Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter.


While born and raised in Albania, Sidita migrated to the US with her family at a young age. She earned her BA from St. John Fisher College, double majoring in Economics and International Studies. Throughout this time, she founded and led Economics Club and maintained numerous academic scholarships. She graduated Summa Cum Laude, earning the title of “Top Distinguished Scholar” and receiving top departmental honors. Sidita continued her studies as an MA student in Political Science at Northeastern University, where she was awarded a full scholarship and assistantship.
Outside of her academic pursuits, Sidita greatly enjoys spending time with family and exploring new lands and cultures. She also loves classic literature (The Count of Monte Cristo being her favorite book), watching both classic and modern films, and checking out new research (just for fun) in other fields of study.


Sidita Kushi. “Ancient Discontent between Serbs and Albanians: Why Real and Imagined Stories Matter Today,” TransConflict, November 2014. — republished in Eurasia Review, December 2014.

Sidita Kushi. “Iran: The Next Big Transatlantic Crisis,” Atlantic Community, July 2013.

Sidita Kushi. “NATO Burden-Sharing in the 21st Century: Divisions of Labor and Global Missions,” Atlantic Community, June 2013.

Sidita Kushi. “The Transatlantic Alliance: Challenges of Identity Polarization and Politics of Power,” Atlantic Community, May 2013.

Articles under Review:
Sidita Kushi. “The Makings of Modern Humanitarian Interventions: Interplay of Interests and Norms in the Kosovo Crisis.” Michael Becker, Matthew Cohen, Sidita Kushi, and Ian McManus. “Reviving the Russian Empire: A Rationalist Model of State Intervention.”

Sidita Kushi. “Breaking Science Stereotypes: Examining the Effects of Party Politics on Federal R&D Funding.”

Conference Presentations

“Reviving the Russian Empire: A Rationalist Model of State Intervention,” November 2014. Presented at Northeastern Political Science Association, with Michael Becker, Matthew Cohen, & Ian McManus.

“Effects of Cigarette Excise Tax on State Smoking Rates and Healthcare Cost,” January 2014. Presented at Southern Political Science Association.

“Divergent Perspectives on the Kosovo Crisis through a Realist Lens,” November 2013. Presented at Northeastern Political Science Association.

Research Interests: International Political Economy; Economic Development in Europe; Humanitarian Military Interventions; the Balkan region

BA, Economics & International Studies, St. John Fisher College
MA, Political Science, Northeastern University

Contact info:
341 Meserve Hall

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