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Matthew is a doctoral student in the Department of Political Science at Northeastern University, specializing in International Relations and Cyber-Security Policy. He also has a strong background and interest in Middle Eastern politics. Matthew has lectured on cyber-security policy, international law and agreements in the cyber-realm, ISIS, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Turkey, and the Iranian nuclear deal.

Research Interests

Matthew’s research focuses on emerging security threats and on the making of foreign policy by Middle Eastern states. He has published on emerging security threats, cyber-security, and policies in Turkey and Israel. Matthew is currently engaged in research on the development and implementation of security policies, with a particular focus on cyber-threats, delegitimization, and lawfare.

Work Experience

Before beginning the PhD program, Matthew was the Research and Budget Director for the Joint (House and Senate) Committee on Mental Health and Substance Abuse in the Massachusetts Legislature. During his time working for the Committee, he played an important part in the writing and passage of legislation expanding mental health parity and ensuring adequate care for children in crisis.


Matthew received his BA from Brandeis University with a double major in Politics and Sociology. He earned an A.L.M in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Government from Harvard University. Matthew graduated from Harvard having earned the Dean’s List Academic Achievement Award. He wrote his Master’s Thesis on Turkish-European Union relations.

Matthew was born in Lexington, MA and is thus a diehard fan of all things Boston, particularly the Red Sox. In his free time Matthew takes care of his wonderful daughter and son and spends time with his beautiful wife.


Journal Articles – Lead Author:

Matthew S. Cohen. “Ahmet Davutoğlu’s Academic and Professional Articles: Understanding the World View of Turkey’s Former Prime Minister.” Turkish Studies, 2016, doi:

Matthew S. Cohen, Charles D. Freilich, and Gabi Siboni. “Israel and Cyberspace: Unique Threat and Response.” International Studies Perspectives, 2015, doi: 10.1093/isp/ekv023

Matthew S. Cohen and Charles D. Freilich. “The Delegitimization of Israel: Diplomatic Warfare, Sanctions and Lawfare.” Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs. Volume IX, Number 1, 2015

Matthew S. Cohen and Charles D. Freilich. “Breakdown and Possible Restart: Turkish-Israeli Relations under the AKP.” Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs. Volume VIII, Number 1, 201

Matthew S. Cohen. “Islam and Government: Examining the Turkish Model,” Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy. Volume 1, Spring 2012

Journal Articles – Co-Author: 

Michael Becker, Matthew S. Cohen, Ian McManus, and Sidita Kushi. “Reviving the Russian Empire: the Crimean Intervention through a Neoclassical Realist Lens.” European Security. Volume 24, Issue 4, 2015

Other Publications:

Matthew S. Cohen. “Israel and the Offensive Military Use of Cyber-Space.” OUPBlog (online), September 5, 2016,

Matthew S. Cohen. “Moving on After Congress Votes on the Iran Deal.” E-International Relations (online), August 30, 2015,

Matthew S. Cohen. “Crafting an Effective Foreign Policy to Confront Terrorism in the Middle East.” E-International Relations (online), May 12, 2015,

Matthew S. Cohen. “Israel’s Big Decision: Time to Take Hamas Out?” The National Interest (online), July 30, 2014,

Matthew S. Cohen. Turkey and the EU: European Soft Power and How it has Impacted Turkey, in fulfillment of ALM requirements: Harvard University, 2011

Articles under Review: 

Matthew S. Cohen, Charles D. Freilich, and Gabi Siboni. “Countering the Cyber-Threat, Four Big ‘D’s’ and a Little ‘r.’”

Matthew S. Cohen and Charles D. Freilich. “War by Other Means: Modeling the Delegitimization Campaign against Israel.”

Matthew S. Cohen. “A Tale of Two Turkeys: The Narrative Policy Framework and the Battle over the Headscarf in Turkey.”

Conference Presentation

Asehna Badruzzaman, Matthew S. Cohen, Sidita Kushi. “Contending Image Framings of Equality, Nationalism, and Religion in Turkey’s Headscarf Debate: A Mixed-Methods Approach.” Conference paper and oral presentation at the 24th World Congress of the International Political Science Association (IPSA), Poznan, Poland, July, 2016.

Matthew S. Cohen. “Countering the Cyber-Threat, Four Big ‘D’s’ and a Little ‘r,’” Invited Speaker at the Joseph Nye Forum, Belfer Center, Harvard University May 2015.

Michael Becker, Matthew S. Cohen, Ian McManus, Sidita Kushi. “Reviving the Russian Empire: A Rationalist Model of State Intervention.” Northeastern Political Science Association Annual Meeting. November 2014.

Journal Reviewer:
Global Policy
International Studies Perspective
Turkish Studies


Research Interests: Middle East Foreign Policy

BA, Brandeis University
MA, Harvard University

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