Internships provide graduate and undergraduate students with academic credit for work experience during their time as a student. An internship is an important example of experiential education and is an opportunity to test in the field various tools and concepts developed in the classroom.

Internships for Academic Credit (The Process)

Students receive academic credit (three credits for graduate students and four credits for undergraduate students) for an internship. To learn more about the requirements for an internship and to apply please see DOING-AN-INTERNSHIP-IN-POLITICAL-SCIENCE.

In brief, key requirements include:

If you are looking for an internship, we encourage you to look over our current listing of possible openings, which are some of many opportunities for internship work in politics, public policy, administration or public service.

When committing to an internship you must follow these steps:
1) Undergraduates must receive pre-approval of the internship position from the department’s internship program coordinator no later than the last week of the semester immediately preceding your internship.
2) You must link up with an academic supervisor for your internship. Typically, this is a full-time member of the department who has expertise related to the area of your internship activity. It is your responsibility to approach this faculty member and request his/her supervision of your internship.
3) You must fill out a student internship application form, which is made available by your advisor or by the internship program coordinator.
4) You will attend two group meetings—one near the beginning and one near the end of the semester—that will be organized by the internship program coordinator.
5) You will write a paper or keep a journal according to the guidelines as given by the internship program coordinator.
6) Near the end of the semester, your academic supervisor will be contacting your workplace supervisor to request a written appraisal of your performance.

For more information, please contact the department’s internship program coordinator:Professor Julie Garey:, 617.373.8995.

Also, in addition to this section of our website, students may be able to find internship opportunities and advice on making the most of internship experiences at these web pages and sites:

Examples of where our students have interned include the following:

Internships and Fellowships Database

The link above is a list of internships and post-graduation fellowships that might be of interest to undergraduate and graduate students in political science, public policy or public administration. If you are an employer with a potential internship or fellowship opportunity that you think should be included in this database, please email us at

Internships and Fellowships Database

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