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At the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, we drive interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving on issues of pressing and emerging concern to society at local, state, national, and international levels.

Our degree and certificate programs, cutting-edge research centers, and international exchange experiences are putting into place the intellectual and institutional infrastructure required to create lasting solutions for social, economic and environmental challenges, and to generate positive impact in the classroom, city hall, boardroom, neighborhood, and around the world.


Student Advocacy: Gun Violence Prevention Summit

I lost a loved one to a random act of gun violence when I was a young woman. In my grief and devastation, I learned about the movement against gun violence and became an advocate for gun violence prevention, and intersectionality became a touchstone of my organizing and advocacy…
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Volunteers sought for BARI’s Spring Conference

On March 9 and 10, the Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) is hosting a conference to highlight the wide range of data-driven work occurring throughout the region and BARI is looking for a few student volunteers to help out during the event. The needs aren’t too labor intensive—BARI needs people to help with registration, manage…
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Science and politics: Finding common ground

Science and politics: The relationship is hotly debated in the news these days, with both lawmakers and the public noting a great divide between support for research among Republicans and Democrats. But two papers by Northeastern researchers point to a subtler—more conciliatory— conclusion…
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Collaborative project aims at educating the public on effects of global climate change

A professor and PhD student in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs (SPPUA) have partnered with the Museum of Science in Boston and Arizona State University to create visualizations that communicate threats from climate change. Brian Helmuth, professor of environmental science and public policy, Francis Choi, senior lab technician at Northeastern’s Helmuth Lab, and David Sittenfeld, forum program manager at the Museum of Science and a student in SPPUA’s PhD in Law and Public Policy, are developing scenarios and visualizations to communicate climate change vulnerabilities and engage hundreds of participants around the country in thinking about potential economic, social and environmental impacts of proposed resilience strategies for four environmental climate-related hazards: drought, heat waves, sea level rise, and extreme precipitation…
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Anastasia Sobolina

MA in International Affairs

“I believe that earning a Master’s in International Affairs from the school I have dedicated my life to for the past four years is my opportunity to achieve my ultimate dream of working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my home country."

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Governance Project

Closing the loop between research and practice

Professors Stephen Flynn and Matthias Ruth and two doctoral students are assessing metro Boston’s interdependent energy and transportation sectors to identify a governance framework that would enhance resilience and regional institutional coordination.

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Dan O’Brien

The social and behavioral dynamics of urban neighborhoods

“We now have the opportunity to precisely understand patterns and processes, and what gives rise to those things that we all see and experience. And this knowledge directly informs how the policy maker might better serve the city.”

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