Opportunities Abroad

Amsterdam Exchange

Each year, two students from either the Urban & Regional Policy (MURP) or the MS in Public Administration (MPA) programs can participate in a one-semester exchange program with the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Exchange students will be enrolled in the Urban Studies Research Master’s program. This is an academic, research-oriented program that will be complementary to our professionally-focused MURP and MPA programs.

The semester abroad takes place during the second Fall semester of a student’s matriculation.

Sample Courses Include

  • Urban Transformation and Strategic Planning
  • Metropolitan Transportation Planning
  • Urban Planning and Real Estate
  • Social Challenges in Cities
  • Territories, Identities and Conflict in a Changing World Order
  • Governance of Commons, Resources, and Environmental Conflict
  • Cases and How to Compare Them
  • Intensive Interviewing & Focus Groups
  • Network Analysis

Leslie Stahl, M.S. in Urban and Regional Policy

When I moved to the Netherlands in August 2014, I was nervous about the program—especially since I don’t speak Dutch and I didn’t know anyone in the city. It was also difficult to leave my job and my friends in Boston for an entire semester. Fortunately, as soon as I arrived in Amsterdam, the staff, students, and faculty at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) made the transition easy. After acquiring a bike (a necessity for every resident) and figuring out how to navigate the local supermarkets, I was prepared for a rigorous and rewarding academic experience.  Read more.

Lauren Costello, M.S. in Urban and Regional Policy

The Urban Studies program at UvA allowed me to delve in a broad range of topics with as much or as little detail as I wished. The program itself is heavy on theory and self-directed learning, but the discussions often centered on real-world case studies. The opportunity to sit in a class with students from around the world and discuss urban policy issues is no small thing. I feel I’ve learned so much from my professors and my peers. This semester, I started to identify the things that mean the most to me in my life and career and I’m really grateful for that opportunity. Read more.