The Fall semester Open Classroom will bring together public officials, Northeastern faculty and students, and Boston community stakeholders to discuss affordable housing, gentrification, and homelessness; land use planning; public safety; economic mobility and disparities; transportation; cultural planning; changing demographics and immigration; public education; public health; and innovation and technology.

DateTopicSpeakers & Discussion Points
6Imagine Boston 2030 - Engaging a City-Overview of IB2030

-Demographic changes in Boston over time

-What does “engagement” with the City of Boston mean?
13Housing a Changing City-Preparing for growth

-Affordable Housing

Ending Chronic Homelessness-Understanding the system

-Creating systems change
27Boston Creates Implementation-Cultural Plan

-Cultural Facilities Study
4Public Safety and Public Health-Office of Public Safety/My Brother’s Keeper

-Office of Recovery Services
11Economic Development and Opportunity-Fairmount Line

-Small Business Plan/Small Business Center

-Promoting Economic Mobility
18Climate-Ready Boston-Planning Process

25Office of Workforce Development-Children’s Savings Accounts

-Building Pathways/Operation Exit

-Boston Bridge/Tuition-free Community College
1Fairmount Corridor + Transportation-Fairmount and IB2030

-Equitable Transportation

-Go Boston 2030
8Building Ladders of Opportunity at BPS-Universal pre-k

-Build BPS
15Office of Immigrant Advancement -Demographic changes

-Services provided by the Office
29Innovation And Data-Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics

-Department of Innovation and Technology

-Citywide Analytics Team