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Graduate Certificate in Urban Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Urban Studies provides a foundation in the fundamentals of urban and regional policy theory and research methods, and culminates in an applied Capstone project. The certificate is not a stand-alone program, but is anchored by and incorporated into participating graduate programs.


The Certificate is comprised of three designated core courses which are offered by the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and one qualifying elective (minimum of 3 semester hours) of the student’s choosing The table below lists the courses required for the Graduate Certificate in Urban Studies.

Urban Studies Graduate Certificate Requirements (4 courses, 12 semester hours) – Degree Students Only
Semester Hours
Core Courses (Required, 2 courses, 6 semester hours)
PPUA 6201 The 21st Century City: Urban Opportunities and Challenges in a Global Context
3 SH
PPUA 7673 Capstone Project in Urban and Regional Policy
3 SH
Selective – Choose 1 (3 semester hours)
PPUA 6205 Research Design and Methodology in Urban and Regional Policy
3 SH
PPUA 6206-6216 Research Toolkits
3 SH
Open Elective (1 course, 3 credits) – Approved by Program Director
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Information accurate as of Spring 2015. Requirements and policies subject to change. For up-to-date information, contact Jennifer Mocarski or view the official graduate catalogue for a full listing of graduate level courses.