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PhD Candidate Kurt Ward Dissertation Defense

Time: 11:30am
Location: Renaissance Park 201B


Exploring the Culture and Concerns of the Problem-Solving Court’s Workgroup in a Federal, Re-entry Drug Court and Its Impact on Public Policy: A Phenomenological Study

Abstract: This dissertation is a phenomenological study of the problem-solving court’s workgroup in a re-entry drug court operating at the federal level.  Specifically, this dissertation explores the culture, roles, and operating rules of this drug court’s workgroup using seminal concepts derived from studies of traditional courtroom workgroups; the focal concerns of the members of that workgroup; and the way in which this drug court implements public policy regarding the re-entry and re-integration of offenders under supervised release for drug-and-drug-related crimes. The study captures the essence of what this drug court’s workgroup is, as expressed through the experiences of the drug court team members.  Qualitative data was collected using semi-structured interviews and non-participant observations, then analyzed to look for themes running through the data and for any emerging concepts associated with this re-entry drug court.

Committee Members:

Carlos A. Cuevas, Ph.D. (Chair), Amy Farrell, Ph.D., Douglas B. Marlowe, J.D., Ph.D.


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