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Course Catalog

For a list of courses offered this semester, please contact sppua@neu.edu or explore the Registrar Banner Course Catalog.

Course NumberCourse Title
DSCS 6020Collecting Storing, Retrieving Data
DSCS 6030Intro to Data Mining/Machine Learning
DSSH 6301Computational Statistics
DSSH 6302Informational Design and Visual Analytics
HUSV 5200Strategic Communications for Nonprofit Organizations
LPSC 5201Law and the City
LPSC 6313Economic Analysis for Law Policy and Planning
LPSC 7215Advanced Quantitative Techniques
LPSC 7305Research and Statistical Methods
LPSC 730921st Century Regulation
LPSC 7310Research Design and Analysis
LPSC 7311Strategizing Public Policy
LPSC 7312Cities, Sustainability and Climate Change
POLS 7202Quantitative Techniques
PPUA 5260Ecological Economics
PPUA 5261Dynamic Modeling for Environmental Decisions
PPUA 5262Big Data for Cities
PPUA 5263Geographic Information Systems for Urban and Regional Policy
PPUA 5265Urban and Regional Policy in Developing Countries
PPUA 5266Urban Theory and Science (formerly Des. Part. Infra.)
PPUA 5270Food Systems and Public Policy
PPUA 5275Philanthropy and Civil Society
PPUA 6201The 21st Century City
PPUA 6204Urban Development and Politics
PPUA 6205Research Design and Methodology
PPUA 6206Research Toolkit: Geographic Information Systems
PPUA 6207Research Toolkit: Survey Techniques
PPUA 6208Research Toolkit: Qualitative Techniques
PPUA 6209Research Toolkit: Working with Datasets
PPUA 6210Research Toolkit: Cost/Benefit Analysis
PPUA 6211Research Toolkit: STATA
PPUA 6212Research Toolkit: Project Management
PPUA 6213Research Toolkit: Data Visualization
PPUA 6214Research Toolkit: Excel for Policy Research Analysis
PPUA 6216Research Toolkit: Grant Writing
PPUA 6407Internship Public Policy
PPUA 6500Principles of Public Administration
PPUA 6502Economic Institutions and Analysis
PPUA 6503Public Personnel Administration
PPUA 6504Organizational Theory and Management
PPUA 6505Public Budgeting and Finance
PPUA 6506Techniques of Policy Analysis
PPUA 6507Institutional Leadership
PPUA 6509Techniques of Program Evaluation
PPUA 6510Functions and Techniques of Public Management
PPUA 6520Managing Information Technologies
PPUA 6521Administrative Law and Politics
PPUA 6522Administrative Ethics and Public Management
PPUA 6523Accountability, Performance Measurement and Contract
PPUA 6524Case Studies in Policy Analysis
PPUA 6525Political Institutions and Public Policy
PPUA 6530State and Local Public Finance
PPUA 6551Nonprofit Organizations and Social Change
PPUA 6552Nonprofit Sector in Civil Society and Public Affairs
PPUA 6553Nonprofit Financial Resource Development
PPUA 6554International NGOs and Transnational Activism
PPUA 6966Research Practicum
PPUA 7225The Open Classroom: Public Debates on Public Policy
PPUA 7230Housing Policy
PPUA 7231Transportation Policy
PPUA 7232Immigration and Urban America
PPUA 7233Contemporary Community Development
PPUA 7234Land Use and Urban Growth Policy
PPUA 7236Intro to Real Estate for Urban Policy Makers
PPUA 7237Advanced Spacial Analysis of Urban Systems (GIS)
PPUA 7238Climate Change and Urbanization in Developing Countries
PPUA 7239Problems in Metropolitan Policymaking
PPUA 7240Health Policy and Politics
PPUA 7241Issues in Health Policy and Administration
PPUA 7242Mental Health Policy Analysis and Administration
PPUA 7243International Development, Administration and Planning
PPUA 7244Comparative Public Policy and Administration
PPUA 7245Education Policy in the United Statues
PPUA 7247Health Policy Seminar
PPUA 7248Urban Revitalization
PPUA 7249Urban Coastal Sustainability in a Rapidly Changing Environment
PPUA 7380Behavior and Public Policy
PPUA 7380Behavior and Public Policy
PPUA 7390Strategic Decision Making and Management
PPUA 7390Modes of Reasoning in Public Administration
PPUA 7673Capstone in Public Policy and Urban Affairs