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At the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, we drive interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving on issues of pressing and emerging concern to society at local, state, national, and international levels.

Our degree and certificate programs, cutting-edge research centers, and international exchange experiences are putting into place the intellectual and institutional infrastructure required to create lasting solutions for social, economic and environmental challenges, and to generate positive impact in the classroom, city hall, boardroom, neighborhood, and around the world.


At the end of the road

The opportunity to study at Northeastern University has thus been highly beneficial to me, and if I had the chance, I would do it again! The city of Boston has grown on me and I’m feeling kind of sad that I have to leave it behind. I’m particularly grateful for the chance to add an international experience to my resume. As my hopes are to work for the United Nations or as a diplomat, I feel like studying here was a requirement to prove that I am able to live abroad…
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Faculty Research: Study of American historical records reveals multi-layer citizenship

After combing through historical records of House and Senate committees between the 1800s and the 1920s, associate professor Amílcar Antonio Barreto and student Kyle Lozano found layers of de facto citizenship throughout American history. Their research of historical records spun two peer-reviewed journal articles—the first under review and the second to be submitted soon—on the interplay of race, ethnicity and territoriality in the construction of American civic citizenship…
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In the Classroom: Students explore development and economic growth of countries

  Graduate students in professor Valentine Moghadam’s “Political Economy: Interdisciplinary Perspectives” course have been tasked with a million-dollar question: to explain the development and economic growth of selected countries in the Global South. Their plan is to apply concepts, propositions, and theories learned in class, including classical political economy, modernization theory, and Marxian, world-systems, and…
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Get to Know: Double Husky Anastasia Sabolina

When Anastasia Sabolina emigrated from Russia to Boston to study at Northeastern University she didn’t know what she wanted to do after graduation. But it was while sitting in an International Affairs classroom that she discovered her dream: to pursue a career in diplomacy. She was a junior sitting in associate professor Denise Garcia’s “International…
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Anastasia Sabolina

MA in International Affairs

“I believe that earning a Master’s in International Affairs from the school I have dedicated my life to for the past four years is my opportunity to achieve my ultimate dream of working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my home country."

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Governance Project Spotlight

Governance Project

Closing the loop between research and practice

Professors Stephen Flynn and Matthias Ruth and two doctoral students are assessing metro Boston’s interdependent energy and transportation sectors to identify a governance framework that would enhance resilience and regional institutional coordination.

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Dan O’Brien

The social and behavioral dynamics of urban neighborhoods

“We now have the opportunity to precisely understand patterns and processes, and what gives rise to those things that we all see and experience. And this knowledge directly informs how the policy maker might better serve the city.”

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