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MPA alum awarded prestigious Yale fellowship

Joe Nania has been offered the Yale President’s Public Service Fellowship, which supports students who work on behalf of economic development, human development, and neighborhood revitalization in the public or nonprofit sectors in New Haven, Conn.

Nania, a graduate of the Master of Public Administration and a first-year student at Yale Law School, will be working full time this summer with the Ludwig Center for Community and Economic Development, a clinic through the Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization at Yale Law School. At a glance, the Clinic assists local organizations – ranging from affordable housing developers, to farmer’s markets and neighborhood associations – with their legal needs. While the scope of work varies with the requirements of specific clients, it broadly includes drafting contracts, structuring real estate deals, advocating for legislation, and more.

“I’m excited to intern with the clinic this summer to engage more with the city of New Haven, and to explore from a new angle the community development issues raised by my MPA capstone,” Nania said.

In a capstone team of five students, Nania worked with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston last spring to gauge the state of civic infrastructure in Gateway Cities across Massachusetts in order to better understand how to measure the impact of the Working Cities Challenge.

According to Nania, his MPA degree from Northeastern has taught him to think about legal questions through a different, policy-oriented, lens.

“In approaching questions about how the law is or should be, I’m drawn to think of practical applications and policy consequences, alongside strictly legal concerns,” Nania said. “In that way, I think the MPA has broadened my perspective and opened up creative ways to approach law school. In the coming semesters, I hope to take courses that interact more directly with the MPA, such as courses on regulation and administrative law.”



Published On: March 28, 2017 |
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