Career Forum: ‘SPPUA students got a chance to meet and network with people from a variety of sectors’

On Friday, Feb. 19, 32 SPPUA students gathered in the Northeastern Alumni Center to network with 20 MPA, MURP and LPP alumni who were once in their shoes.

The Career Forum and Alumni Networking Event kicked off at 5 p.m. with introductions. Alumni provided an overview of their fields before taking a seat at discussion tables where they answered students’ questions about transportation; sustainability and alternative energy; education; healthcare; policy research and communications; housing; public finance; and community, economic and real estate development.

Questions, for example, included: What do you think are the current employment and career growth opportunities in your sector, and in your company in particular? What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced throughout your career? How did you navigate these challenges to arrive at your present position? Do you have one piece of advice regarding how to navigate a career in your sector?

Sonya Bhabhalia, president of the Northeastern Association for Public Policy Students (NAPPS), said the event was ideal for students who are graduating soon, starting to look for jobs and build a network, as well as students who just wanted to learn more about different sectors.

“We had a strong alumni showing this year at the Career Forum,” said Bhabhalia. “I’m glad SPPUA students got a chance to meet and network with people from a variety of sectors like transportation, public finance, and education.”




Published On: March 4, 2016 |
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