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At the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, we drive interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving on issues of pressing and emerging concern to society at local, state, national, and international levels.

Our degree and certificate programs, cutting-edge research centers, and international exchange experiences are putting into place the intellectual and institutional infrastructure required to create lasting solutions for social, economic and environmental challenges, and to generate positive impact in the classroom, city hall, boardroom, neighborhood, and around the world.


The big trade-off

Capitalism—an economic system based on private ownership of production and distribution. The end game? Efficiency. Democracy—a political system of, by, and for the people. The end game? Equality. It’s no wonder why our capitalist democracy feels like an oxymoron. How can we possibly achieve equality when our economic institutions are designed to produce as quickly…
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Photos: Fall 2017 Graduate Student Orientation

On Tuesday, Sept. 5, faculty and staff of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs (SPPUA) welcomed new Huskies and those returning to campus at its Graduate Student Orientation. The event kicked off with an ice breaker introduction, followed by small group discussions and a campus tour. The orientation concluded with a welcome reception…
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We are worth more

  This week, the nation celebrated Labor Day—some by cooking out with friends and family, some by going on strike to demand economic justice. (Of course, some were unable to celebrate at all). In Boston, workers, labor unions, community organizations, and faith groups marched from the Common to Copley to honor workers for their relentless…
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New professor aims to understand dynamics of energy transition, climate change, and indigenous rights

Shalanda Baker, professor of law, public policy and urban affairs, is thrilled to join Northeastern’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs this fall for a selfish reason, she said. “I’ll have access to wonderful colleagues and students who apply different decision-making paradigms to solve complex problems,” said Baker, who holds a joint appointment with…
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Lowering the Bar: Research shows the ‘Walmart-ization’ of health care

  When health policy expert Timothy Hoff heard that his 90-year-old mother with dementia had fractured her left hip, her future became crystal clear: “She was about to become dependent on a fragmented, competitive system of health care payers and delivery organizations. She would traverse the modern elderly person’s trail of tears: from emergency room…
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Shalanda Baker

Professor of Law, Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Shalanda Baker is an expert in environmental and renewable energy law, sustainable development, administrative law, and international development. Here, she explains how she went from working at a law firm to conducting field research in Latin America and developing a research agenda focused on global energy transition, climate change, and indigenous rights.

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Gavin Shatkin

Research: Examining flood risk in coastal megacities

In a multidisciplinary initiative, professor Gavin Shatkin is looking into flood risk in rapidly growing coastal megacities including Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Vienna Thompkins

Master of Public Administration, Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics

Vienna Thompkins is applying the knowledge she has acquired through the MPA Program and the Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics to conduct a fiscal analysis of the use of fees and fines in the criminal justice system.

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