Student Organizations

Philosophy Club

The Northeastern University Philosophy Club is an active group of undergraduates who meet weekly on Tuesdays at 6 PM in Holmes Hall, room 326, to share dinner and discussion. Northeastern faculty, students, and guests from other universities provide lively discussions of topics ranging from: eugenics, the European refugee crisis, the environmental implications of nano-technology, and arguments for (and against) the existence of God. The Philosophy Club also provides members with opportunities to visit philosophical speakers attending other universities close by.

For more information, please contact the President, Daniel Castillo.

Teaching Internships

Teaching Internships are reserved for juniors and seniors who have demonstrated strong skills in philosophy or religion. Students involved in such internships are invited to enroll in the Teaching Internship led activities such as study groups, do advising and tutoring, hold conference hours, and under the guidance of the professor, present a lecture to the class.