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Teaching Internships

Teaching Internships are reserved for juniors and seniors who have demonstrated strong skills in philosophy or religion. Students involved in such internships are invited to enroll in the Teaching Internship led activities such as study groups, do advising and tutoring, hold conference hours, and under the guidance of the professor, present a lecture to the class.


Recent Teaching Internships include:


Under Professor Candice Delmas

Devin Lane, Fall 2017

Teaching assistant for Professor Delmas.


Under Professor Rory Smead

Aja Watkins, Fall 2014, Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017

Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Logic.

Duties: Aja holds office hours weekly, helps with grading homework assignments/ exams, she also helps to assist with course design, and in-class activities.


Under Professor John Basl

Mahmoud Jalloh, Fall 2015

TA: Honors 3310: Ethics of Emerging Technology

Duties: Attendance, grading pass/fail assignments, tutoring, gathering class materials, offering feedback on presentations, guest lecture.