Combined Majors

In Northeastern’s combined majors, students take courses in two disciplines culminating in a capstone course that bridges the two fields of study.

Jewish studies currently offers a defined combined major in Jewish studies and religion, as well as a pre-approved template that can be combined with templates of other departments and programs to create a wide variety of interdisciplinary programs of study. We will also consider additional combinations upon student request. See the Registrar’s website for more information on combined majors or contact Dr. Jennifer Sartori at

For a detailed listing of the course requirements for the combined major in Jewish Studies and Religion, see the Northeastern University Catalog. Keep in mind that requirements are subject to change.

To declare a combined major in Jewish studies, please meet with Dr. Jennifer Sartori, the faculty advisor for Jewish studies, and Michaela Kinlock, the CSSH academic advisor for Jewish studies. For more information, see the CSSH website.