Thank you, Sarina Chen, Shusterman Visiting Israel Professor at Northeastern

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Sarina ChenFor the past two academic years, Sarina Chen has taught Northeastern students in courses about modern Israel and the city of Jerusalem, Jewish religion and culture, and Israeli and Palestinian film, a fascinating array of topics designed to shine light on Israel, in its diversity and complexity. Northeastern’s Jewish Studies program was privileged to win a Schusterman grant to fund this two-year position in Israel Studies, held by Professor Chen, who comes to us with a Ph.D. in Jewish Studies from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and expertise in folklore and anthropology from her doctoral studies in Israel’s fringe Third Temple movement.

In her time at Northeastern, Professor Chen has organized an Israeli film series and educated Jewish Studies faculty about her research. She has been enthusiastic about bringing Israeli culture to our campus, has taught at Hillel, and has contributed energetically to all aspects of the Jewish Studies program. An always smiling, thoughtful, and generous colleague, Professor Chen has served on multiple committees of the Jewish Studies Program and has helped us think about the next stages of development for our curriculum and extracurricular programs. She has gifted us with her knowledge and warmth. All of us in Jewish Studies at Northeastern have enjoyed working with, learning from, and becoming friends with Sarina Chen. We hope to be able to develop Israel Studies further in the future. In the meantime, we are grateful for Sarina Chen’s many contributions to the program.